Friday, December 14, 2012

Review Secret Dreams

Review: By Stacy Heath

Secret Dreams (Immortal Warriors)
The secret dreams novel is very creative. The whole story is full of endless mythological creatures that are Hot and Steamy. Each Immortal Warrior, 6 in ...all, has their own unique power’s and issues that go along with this Fantastic tail of Love and Friendship. Lot's of Alpha-Male hotness, with one female warrior that is equally full of personality and a warrior herself.

This is the story about Lisa and Minos. Minos is a Warrior sent by an evil queen to kill Lisa, But When Minos gets to the apartment, is it a case of mistaken Identity or Not? Lisa has been dreaming of Mino’s for 5 Years and starts out the story on a very steamy and hot encounter. Their passion is electric!

The Characters and descriptions of the immortals play just as much a huge part of a role in this book as the main two. It's not often that I read something where all the secondary character are as involved as the first and I feel like I already know them so well... They are very well defined and active in every part of this story, you will get to know and like each and every one along with their personalities. They are a group of mostly mercenaries’ to an evil queen. I especially love Maximus and can’t wait to hear his story, a Flirty, Charming wolf. I love a Flirty, dirty man with a serious sensitive side (when needed), he just seems like a lots of fun and the way he pick's at Minos is hilarious.

The only problem I had in this story was the many aliases of Elizabeth, Liz, Lisa, it got a little confusing to me at first but I quickly got over it well enough.

I would recommend this book. This book was given to me by the Author, this is my honest review!
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He is a wonderful, charming and hard immortal .... He had orders to kill a dangerous woman! It seemed easy! But when he met the beautiful Elizabeth, everything changed! He found in a dark matter core, intrigue and

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