Saturday, December 29, 2012

REVIEW Angel Cuffs


Review By Stacy H
Angel Cuffs (My Vampire, My Angel)
Helena Dean (Author)
This is Erotica for 18t only!!!

Hot, Dirty Hot and Steamy!

You don't want to miss Angel Cuffs and if you can set down for an hour or so and come out saying WoW, yet a little mad Because you want to holler at the author and say!!! I need to know more please!!! You know it's that good!!
This is a short story and I can not wait for the next chapter's, talk about a tease!! More Please! Blu is a straight forward hold nothing back girl with an attitude that get herself in a few twisted and sticky situations.. The Vampire she is sent to kill Is so fine and just Sound's so Yummy! Their is so much packed in this short story it's just unbelievable it has a Great Plot, With twist and turns. I was so intrigued with the Different paranormal aspects of this story, of how the vampire's come to be and the different take on the angels.
Blu (love the name) is a strong Sexy Hot Heroine.. Their is a little MFM and the sex is so intensely Erotic if it went on any longer I would have needed To go out and roll in the snow! If you like erotica with a great story this is the book for you!!!
This Book is being Republished I will let you Know the re release. 


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